Hair colours


Whether you’re looking to cover your greys, go natural or change the look altogether and create a bolder and dramatic effect, our hair colouring experts are here for you.

Gone are the times when hair colouring used to be conventional and traditional. It’s versatile now!


You can get your hair coloured however you like are we are here to serve you.


The hair colouring services we offer at Lotus Salon are:​

  • Permanent hair colouring

  • Semi-permanent hair colouring

  • 1/4 foils

  • 1/2 foils

  • 3/4 foils

  • full foils

  • Balayage

From permanent hair coloured for a natural look, or semi-permanent hair for an experimental look, we got it all covered for you!


Our hair experts are not just good at colouring but also good at listening and understanding what you want. We discuss with you and make sure you get the exact hair colour shade you want. And you walk out satisfied with your new look.


We can also advise you on how to care for your coloured hair and the products to use to keep the dye looking fresh and maintain it for long.


Sure, hair colouring is fun. Whether you want to cover those greys and look younger or want to get brighter colours and look bolder, it helps give your confidence a boost.


But is that all?


There are more benefits to hair colouring other than just changing the look.

Colouring makes your hair look more voluminous


If you feel like your hair looks thin, you might want to try colouring them. Colouring can help make your strands more prominent. This can help in giving the appearance of thicker hair.

It helps you add that "pop" to your personality

You can be a blonde dreaming of being a brunette or vice versa. Or maybe want to have a completely different hair colour. Pink, blue, violet, experimental!


Whatever helps you justify your personality!

Sometimes, your natural hair colour might not even compliment your skin or eyes. You can always change your hair colour and give your features the compliment they deserve. Let your radiant eyes mesmerise and your skin glow with your new hair colour.

It makes your hair shine

To make your hair look natural yet shiny, you can try colouring with a natural shade. A subtle and natural shade can reflect light and make your hair look shinier. So bye bye to dull hair!

It can be an economical solution for thinning hair

With age or even due to environmental factors, we can lose a lot of hair and maybe even develop thinning patches. While hair replacement treatments can burn a hole in your pocket, colouring can be an easy fix. As colouring enhances each and every strand of hair, it can make the hair look thicker and give the perfect illusion.

Book your hair colouring appointment with us now.